I was always a person, who struggled choosing only one hobby/interest to pursue at the time. I always wanted to do more, learn more and was endlessly curious in variety of things: art, music, dance, technology, science… Not only that, but I also wanted to excel in each of my chosen activities.

When the time came to choose what I want to study after I graduate from school, I struggled. After all, I had to single out one, maybe two interests. From the pool of all of them. Not only that, I was also meant to stick with my choices for the rest of my life! I quietly obeyed, but, long story short, it did not work.

My curiosity and determination lead me to try a lot of things, work for and with different people, study and learn different disciplines. I discovered something that allowed me to be creative and at the same time produce something useful. This little corner is meant to be a representation of just that – embracing variety, curiosity, encouraging to try new things, and share anything that I believe is worth sharing about me, and the world around me.

I hope this little corner on the World Wide Web, will bring something new to you, and will encourage you to embrace all of your interests!

And here is a little something from me, for some encouragement:

Why some of us don’t have one true calling