Trying New Things: 5 Highlights From The Months of October

Early to mid-autumn is my favorite time of the year. Streets, parks and the city itself become more colorful. Early mornings are painted with golden sun rays, that usually are seen only on summer evenings, during the golden hour. Well, for me, the early autumn is like one huge golden, magical period. And it always puts me in the mood of trying new things.

trying new things

This is also my favorite time of the year to bundle up in big sweaters, scarfs and sometimes even hats, and go for walks around the city or to the nearest park. If I get a chance, I love going out of the city to the forest – and it never disappoints me. 

Forests in autumn are filled with incredible nature smells – fresh air, pine trees… It is fair to say that every year, this is the time I always fall back in love with nature, and just try to spend as much time outside as possible.

It being such a magical period, I thought ‘why not to share some of the most memorable things that happened to me in October’?

Starting To Cook

I’ve never been the kind of person who enjoyed cooking every day or even every other day. However, during October I decided that in a spirit of saving up some money and trying new things, I wanted to attempt cooking more at home. And not just cooking some basic every day recipes, but actually trying to make something that I haven’t made before from scratch.

I was on a huge ramen high, and this is one of the recipes that I followed to learn how to make it at home. I also attempted to make something a bit more fancy than a basic frozen vegetable and noodles stir fry. I really love Minimalist baker, as the site is full of quick, few-ingredients based recipes that also turn out really delicious!

I’m not sure how well I will manage to carry this habit into November, but I will definitely try to keep cooking more.

Picking Up My Camera

This isn’t entirely a ‘trying new things’ kind of thing as I always loved photography, and played around with different types of cameras since I was young. I even went through a stage, where I only used film cameras.

I used to really enjoy capturing moments of my life, but funny enough, even though I am carrying my phone with me everywhere I go and it does have a camera, I barely take any photos anymore. I decided to dig through some boxes and find my old DSLR camera, as I figured that carrying it around in my hands while I am out and about will make me more inclined to take photos. And even though carrying a heavy camera with me wasn’t always feasible, I did manage to take a few more snaps than I usually do.

Now, I am a bit rusty when it comes to photography, but since autumn is such a beautiful time of the year, I thought it would be a crime not to capture it!

autumn berries



Closet Cleanup

Autumn is always a good time to refresh your wardrobe. Every autumn I try to go through my closet, and pick the pieces that I really love apart from the ones I know I am not going to wear anymore.

I am very happy that this year I managed to minimize the amount of items I have in my closet, as I always felt like I have way more clothes than what I actually wear on a daily basis.

I always make it a point to give away the clothes that are still in a good condition or donate them.

Investing In My Wellbeing

As great as autumn is, it also seems to always be the time of the year, when everyone gets a little sick. This is the reason why this year I decided to take care of myself a little better and by some general multivitamins and supplements that would help to support my immune system.

Additionally, getting ‘Two Minute Mornings’ journal and starting to do even just 30 seconds of meditation every morning, enhanced my mornings and my overall day so much more. The reason why I started doing this is because as the days are getting shorted, I felt it was really difficult for me to get out of bed early in the morning. And even when I would, I would feel grumpy and have a lot of negativity around me.

Doing a bit of meditation and concentrating on the positives, really helps me to go into my work with a bit more positive mindset and a bit more confidence in myself.

Organizing And Settling With Work

One of the biggest personal wins for me this month was actually getting organized and settling down on my goals, and finally feeling content with my decisions.

I achieved this by clarifying what I want to do, how I want to achieve it and setting flexible deadlines for myself.

New Month, New Plans

All in all, October was a great month full of trying new things and experiences.

I am fairly certain that November is going to be even better, as my goals and plans are clearly set for me to follow.

How was your October?

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