What To Do When Bored – 5 Activities That Do Not Include Your Computer

Let’s face it – from time to time we all face this dilemma and ask ourselves ‘what to do when bored?’.

I had multiple days that I spent working or simply entertaining myself in front of the computer. By the end of the day I would feel so restless that I would just want to put my laptop away and do something. However, without finding an entertaining enough activity, I would return to my laptop yet again, mindlessly scrolling through some website, looking for hope to kill my boredom.

What To Do When Bored

During these, what felt like really hopeless, hours and constant search for some activities online, I realised that in order to actually ‘save myself’ from feeling bored and restless, I need to get away from my laptop and Internet altogether.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, these might be the activities that can help you stop asking yourself what to do when bored.

1. Reading

This might sound like an old-fashioned hobby, however, it is a very good way to entertain yourself while learning something or just exploring a new story.

In order to get a full benefit of reading and get away from screens, I would advice to grab an actual book. It is known that reading an actual book helps us retain more information than by reading it from an e-reader, tablet, phone or laptop.

It also is more relaxing.

You don’t necessarily have to go to a bookstore to by a new book. There are plenty of second hand book stores, where you can find good novels for a couple of pounds. Also, ABE Books has a great selection of cheap new and second hand books you can order online.

2. Going For A Walk

This is a great activity even if the weather is not the best.

If you feel restless and don’t know what to do when bored, but also don’t want to engaged in activities that required concentration, such as reading, go for a walk!

You don’t even have to go for a long walk, just go around the block, or walk around the nearest park. Even just 20 – 30 minutes outside can do wonders, and help you feel refreshed and even come up with new ideas for doing something for the rest of the day.

3. Cooking

With the convenience of delivery not only from local take-aways but also from major restaurants, cooking at home can become a second hand thoughts. After all, when you can back home after a busy day, the last thing you might want to do is spend your evening in the kitchen cooking a gourmet meal.

This is the reason why I encourage people to cook more over the weekend, or really whenever they feel bored and don’t know what to do. Try to make something you never made before, or experiment with making simple yet delicious meals for the rest of the week, so that you could eat healthy and save some money.

Even better, spend time cooking with your friends, partner or family. Cooking can be a great bonding activity, after which can all sit together and eat your delicious creations.

4. Learn Something New (Go To The Library)

Technically, this might require a bit of research online to find resources outside of the ones available on the Internet.

If you are in the right headspace, and can still spend a bit of time on your computer, try to search for relevant workshops that are held locally. One of the great websites, that has a lot of paid and free events and workshops is Eventbrite. There you can find anything from music events to tech related gatherings. It is a great place to use if you want to expand your horizons and learn or experience something new.

Another great and free resource for learning something new is libraries. There are plenty of books that you can borrow, from fiction to non fiction, and learn something new. A lot of libraries usually have cafes and reading rooms, so really, it can be a whole day or half a day outing, if you feel like it.

A lot of libraries nowadays also organise workshops too, which a lot of the times can be free. They also usually have boards dedicated for advertising events and workshops happening locally, so you really wouldn’t be wasting your time if you go to one!

5. Go To Meet Ups

A good way to pass time and meet new people.

Site like Meet Up have loads of different groups that organise industry and hobby specific meet-ups as well as more casual gatherings, where people just look to meet someone new and make friends.

If none of these sites offer you something that you would want to attend, just google ‘free events in [insert your city]’ and you might be able to find something, that will allow you to make new friends, learn a new skill or get to know your city better.

Explore Your Options

I hope that there suggestions will help you figure out what to do when bored. However, don’t limit yourself just to these options and try to explore what it is offered locally as well as check if your friends and family have any suggestions.

What do you like to do when you are bored that doesn’t involve a computer or Internet?

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