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How To Establish A Productive Morning Routine

There is a foreign saying that sounds something like ‘you will sleep as well as you make your bed’. Let’s face it, this doesn’t make much sense in English, but the idea is that if you invest time and effort to make your bed well, you will sleep better.

The same concept applies to our morning routines. A lot of the time the wellness of your day can depend on how well we start it.

How To Establish A Productive Morning Routine

If you have a bad nights sleep, wake up grumpy and don’t invest any effort to bring yourself up and find a way to brighten your morning, chances are you will go into your day, carrying that negativity with you. However, if you will try to incorporate positive behaviours in your morning routine, it can help you to carry that positivity into your work and even brighten someone else’s day.

It isn’t always easy to stick to your morning routine, especially when the good nights sleep is disturbed by noise in the streets, or stress over some work related issues.

This is why I put together a list of tips that will hopefully help you find a way to establish a positive and productive morning routine that will help you achieve your work related goals as well as stay more positive.

1. Determine How Many Hours Of Sleep You Need To Rest


Knowing how many hours is enough for you to get the necessary rest, is crucial for a productive morning routine.

I know people who swear they only sleep 5 or 6 hours and feel completely rested. I also know people, who go through a long period of getting 5 hours sleep each night, and feel completely miserable, because it isn’t enough for them.

For me, I need at least 7 hours of sleep to feel like myself and get excited about getting up in the morning. I feel more optimistic and also more engaged while I am working on my personal projects before I go to work. Sleeping enough helps me to enjoy my morning routine rather than make it feel like a chore.

How can you figure this number out? Take a note of when do you go to bed, and when do you usually wake up. Ask yourself if you feel rested in the morning. If not, it might be beneficial to add an extra hour, and see how you feel in the morning then.

If ultimately you will decide that you want to get up a bit earlier in the morning, to work on your projects, exercise or just spend a bit more time with your loved ones, knowing this number will help you adjust your bed time, so you would still feel your best, when getting up in the morning.

2. Start Slowly

Talking about getting up earlier or early (depending on when you get up now) – start slowly!

I once tried to enhance my morning routine by getting up a whole hour earlier then what I was used to, and what happened? I worked on my project for like 15 minutes before I curled back in bed, as I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Don’t do this mistake, unless you are completely certain, that you can make it into a productive morning.

I would generally advice trying to firstly waking up 10 minutes earlier than you are used to. Then, the next morning bring it to 15 minutes, and then 20 minutes, and do that for a while. Then increase the time by a little bit again, until you feel comfortable, rested and most importantly, like you can actually get some things done!

3. Practice ‘Task Prepping’

You know the concept of meal prepping, that is so widely popular in the fitness community? This certainly applies here too!

The more you will prepare the day before, the more productive your morning routine will be, as you will have your tasks at hand and no decisions to make.

While learning about coding and web development, I usually take out all my notebooks related with task planning on Sunday. I decide what my main goal for the week is – it might be learning a new concept, finishing a section in a course I am doing, or developing a small piece for a website – and design my daily tasks around that goal.

Not only this helps me to know what I am supposed to do every morning, but it also keeps me motivated in those early hours, when I am asking myself why I am doing this. There is always a goal in mind, and it helps me to get more concentrated and more productive.

Obviously, you don’t have to follow your weekly or daily plans to the very last bit, but it helps to keep that motivation and productivity going.

4. Design A Morning Routine That Fits Your Needs

We are all different and have different goals in mind, so practising someone else’s morning routine might not make you as productive as you hope to be.

To be productive, you don’t necessarily have to start your morning with meditation or yoga (even though it is really beneficial, but if you are new to this, lets do one thing at a time!).

The first thing that I do when I wake up is wash my face, as that always wakens me up a bit more, and make some coffee. While I wait for my coffee, I might do a stretch here and there, or set up a table (hm…couch) as my work area.

It really doesn’t have to be an hour long preparation, just something that you do every morning at the end of which your body knows that it is time to work. However, if you have more time, I would definitely recommend including some type of journaling or gratitude practice into your routine.

I generally incorporate journaling into my morning routine as a ‘post-side hustle relaxation/preparation for my day job’ kind of thing. I recently purchased this Two Minute Morning journal that really encourages me to think more positively and enhances my morning routine.

Initially, I was trying to incorporate some journaling as a first thing I do in the morning. However, I noticed that I couldn’t completely dedicate myself to that, as I kept thinking about other tasks that I had to do. I was worrying about not having enough time to achieve my daily morning goals.

Allowing myself to design a morning routine that works for me, made it more enjoyable and more productive, which is the main goal.

To Wrap Up

I hope that these steps will help you design the kind of morning routine that will help you stay more positive throughout the day, and be more productive.

Let me know how do you like going about your morning routine and what steps do you like to include, that make you more productive!

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