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4 Best To Do Apps For Organising Your Life

Nowadays, there are plenty of to do apps that claim to be able to help you not only organise your day to day tasks, shopping lists, but also help to improve your productivity and achieve your goals.

Today, I will go deep down into most popular and useful organisational apps that can actually really help you organise your work.

4 Best To Do Apps For Organising Your Life


Why Use Apps For Organisation?

I am going to name just a few benefits of using these apps.

Majority of the mobile applications used either on Android or iOS phones allow you to synchronise your data on as many devices as you want. In return, this helps to always keep up to date with your lists, notes and tasks. Using these to do apps will allow you to manage your lists on the go, and concentrate on your goals more.

Personally, I don’t like having to search for my phone just so I could take a look at my daily tasks. Many to do apps that will be named here, are not just designed to be used on the phone. This helps me more productive and less distracted, when I am working on my laptop.

These organisational apps can really help if you are in to such things as deliberate practice. It is a concept based on an hour of concentrated, no-distraction work on any project you want to improve on. In order to prepare for deliberate practice, it is helpful to divide your goals or projects in to smaller, more maintainable and easier to achieve steps, that you can work on one at a time.

For this purpose, I love designing small to do steps using these apps, and every week aim to work and achieve one to two of them, based on their difficulty and my knowledge.

So What Are Those Apps?

Without further ado, these are the best to do apps, that I found most useful for organising my work:

  • Evernote – a great app to not only store your lists, tasks and notes, but also a way to gather interesting and useful articles. You can save articles on your account via Evernote browser extension, and either read them later or just have an easy way to access them, when you need them. Evernote allows you to style your notes the way you want: from basic text, bullet point lists, and actual checkbox style lists, that you can tick off, once the tasks are done. It is available on iOS and Android devices, and easily synchronises your data, so you are always up to date, no matter which device you are going to be using.
  • MinimaList – technically this is just an iOS app, however I love it so much, that I thought it is worth mentioning. This app has a very simple interface that allows you to swipe down, enter a task, which then is added to your list. When performing each task, you can click on it within the app, and time it to see how long it takes you to achieve particular task. At the end of the session, if you are finished, you can mark the task as completed. I like this functionality because it allows me to plan my work and better manage my time, as I can plan my tasks based on my past performance.
  • WunderList – if you want to concentrate on creating lists for your work, without having additional functionality of Evernote, but also want a bit more options, to be able to create separate projects, this is where WunderList app comes in. It has a great, simple, yet smooth interface, allows to create project and add tasks to those projects. It also lets you manage those tasks by setting deadlines and reminders, and is just an overall great list based organisational app, that is available on Android and iOS.
  • Asana – technically an app that is more suitable for teams, it presents a great way to manage multiple projects at the same time. Asana allows you to have a couple different interfaces: list and column based layouts that display your tasks. I really enjoy the column based layout, because it allows to have such columns as ‘To do’, ‘In Process’, ‘Done’ and etc. They are completely customisable, so you can really plan out your work and clearly see what needs to be done. If you are using this app to work as a team, it allows you to assign tasks to people, comment below each task, and much more. It has a great web interface, and also is available as an app on Android and iOS, which helps to keep up with the work on the go.

And There You Go

All these apps are my personal favourites. I use them extensively for managing different projects, shopping list and day-to-day tasks.

Let me know if you use these to do apps and if you have any other favourites!

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