• The History Of Christmas

    The History Of Christmas – Where Does The Tradition Come From?

    Christmas is both, a religious celebration and a cultural phenomenon, that is widely celebrated across the world. But did you ever think about the history of Christmas, and how it become such an important celebration? The History Of Christmas – Where Does It Start? In Christianity, the beginning of Christmas tradition starts with the birth of baby Jesus. However, winter…

  • the law of attraction

    Law Of Attraction – Easy Way To Achieve Success?

    To me, one of the most memorable law of attraction advocates is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I read this book once or twice. Once, when I was really young and hopeful that I can achieve whatever I want, and the second time, when I was older and..well, still hopeful. What Is The Law Of Attraction? Law of attraction is…

  • Quotes For Inspiration

    Collection of My Favorite Quotes For Inspiration

    There was a time, when I would write down every single thought, every single quote I heard, read or even dreamed. On Saturday morning, I decided to flip through some of my old notebooks. I gathered throughout the years, writing my every single thought, doodling and writing down quotes for inspiration. It was very heartwarming to see my old notes, and…

  • Lifestyle

    Trying New Things: 5 Highlights From The Months of October

    Early to mid-autumn is my favorite time of the year. Streets, parks and the city itself become more colorful. Early mornings are painted with golden sun rays, that usually are seen only on summer evenings, during the golden hour. Well, for me, the early autumn is like one huge golden, magical period. And it always puts me in the mood of…

  • Lifestyle

    Having Multiple Interests: Why Variety Is A Good Thing

    One of the things that I have always struggled with is having multiple interests. As a kid I wanted to dance, play guitar, go to art school, and excel in all school subjects. This was not a pressure that was put on me by my parents – I had a genuine interest in everything and actually, was often mocked for…

  • Morning Routine

    How To Establish A Productive Morning Routine

    There is a foreign saying that sounds something like ‘you will sleep as well as you make your bed’. Let’s face it, this doesn’t make much sense in English, but the idea is that if you invest time and effort to make your bed well, you will sleep better. The same concept applies to our morning routines. A lot of…

  • finding your passion

    4 Best To Do Apps For Organising Your Life

    Nowadays, there are plenty of to do apps that claim to be able to help you not only organise your day to day tasks, shopping lists, but also help to improve your productivity and achieve your goals. Today, I will go deep down into most popular and useful organisational apps that can actually really help you organise your work.  …